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GMI is worldwide. No matter which region you reside in, you are bound to run into a GMI customer, or two. And that's exactly how you become a part of GMI. No need to go to a service centre or a franchise to get yourself registered or signed up. No pain staking verification or complicated payment system. When we say GMI is flexible, we mean every word of it. Here are a couple of ways you can become a part of the global GMI family.

1. Sign-in through Gold E-Card.

  1. With the purchase of every Gold E-Card, a customer can sign in Gold Reward Plan of the same value. Three Gold E-Cards of different values are available on sale virtually through your Gold Card Bank or physical cards can be purchased through authorized agent in selected countries.
  2. Customers that sign-in using Gold E-Cards will not be able to utilize the option of change placement. However, change of ownership will be allowed free of cost during the first five days of signing up.
  3. Only the introducer will be able to change the placement within 5 days from the sign-in date. Provided the person introduced is not signed in through Gold E-Card and gives the current password.

Please be informed that GMI will not be responsible for any lost/stolen Gold E-Card or unauthorized sign-in due to negligence of the customer. Customers are advised to check Gold E-Card through the link "Find Card Status" provided at We suggest customers to use Transfer E Card link provided in their Gold E-Card Bank page to transfer E-Cards to other members as sending Gold E Cards via messenger is not recommended.

2. Sign-in through Gold Account

  1. 1. The introducer can sign-in a new customer to GMI through virtual Gold E-Card Purchased by their own funds or through Gold Bank.
  2. 2. Every customer gets a welcome letter from GMI with the transaction details and password, through the e-mail mentioned in the purchase form.
  3. 3. GMI strongly advise their customers to keep their password, security question and the answer always secure and secret, and should not disclose it to any other member. Customers doing so will be fully responsible for their act and GMI should not be blamed at any certain point.

Its highly recommended to use true information on your signup page i.e. Name, Age, Telephone Numbers Address and Email Address. Any information found incorrect may result in permanent cancellation of your Gold Account.